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Training Research Titles
Overview of Distributed Computing o Trends of computing o Introduction to distributed computing o Next big thing: cloud computing Introduction to Cloud Computing o What’s cloud computing o Properties & Characteristics o Service models o Deployment models Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) o Introduction to IaaS o Resource Virtualization Server Storage Network o Case studies Platform as a Service (PaaS) o Introduction to PaaS o Cloud platform & Management Computation Storage o Case studies Software as a Service (SaaS) o Introduction to SaaS o Web services o Web 2.0 o Web OS o Case studies Cloud issues and challenges o Cloud provider Lock-in o Security Term project & presentation
Cloud Computing Syllabus
Syllabus: 1. Java 2. Dot Net 3. MATLAB 4. NS2 5. Android 6. C / C++ 7. Cloud Computing 8. Grid Computing