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Syllabus: 1. Java 2. Dot Net 3. MATLAB 4. NS2 5. Android 6. C / C++ 7. Cloud Computing 8. Grid Computing
ASP.NET Syllabus Introduction to Web form  o     Need of Web Application  o     Http Protocol  o     Static and Dynamic Page  o     Concept Working of IIS and Browser  o     Differences between ASP and ASP.NET   Introduction to HTML controls  o     Creating a Simple HTML Page  o     Html Tags  o     Hosting a HTML Page  o     IIS virtual Directory  o     Request Transfer Throws Get and Post Methods   Server pages using ASP.NET o     Creating sever pages  o     Architecture of handling request In Web server  o     Http request object  o     Http response object  o     Understanding post back   Understanding page life cycle  o     Understanding of Application Life Cycle  o     Page Life-cycle Stages  o     Life-cycle Events  o     Autoeventwireup  o     Tracing and debugging pages   State management  o     Client side State Management  o     Introduction of stateless process  o     Http Cookies  o     Query String Method  o     View State  o     Hidden Field  o     Server Side State Management  o     Http Session  o     Http Application  o     Global.asax  o     Web.Config   Server control form validation  o     Working with Range, Regular Expression & Compare  o     Required Field Validator Controls  o     Use Control to Validate Property  o     Custom Validator Control  o     Implementation of Client and Server Side Validation  o     Working with Validation Summary   Web form control  o     Textbox  o     Check Box  o     List Box  o     Dropdown List Control  o     Add Rotator Control  o     File Upload Control  o     Multi View Control  o     Login Control  o     Image control  o     Radio button control   Data binding server controls  o     Use of Data Binding Control  o     Type of Data Binding Control (Formatted and Unformatted)   o Working with Grid View Control          Data binding with Grid View          Working with Column Collection          Using Paging          Sort   o     Working with Data List Control          Working with Template          Working with Data List Events  Master pages o     Introduction and Need of Master Page  o     Creating a Master Page  o     Default Contents  o     Master page with CSS and table layout  o     Applying Master Page through Configuration File          Dynamic setting a Master Page          Nested Master Page          Master Page and Relative Path  ASP.NET web security  o     Windows  o     Forms  o     Passport   ASP.NET AJAX  o     Introduction of AJAX  o     Role of script manager  o     Understanding and working with update panel  o     Understanding and Working with Update progress control  o     Understanding and Working with Timer control  o     Creating AJAX enabled website  o     Creating an AJAX enabled web service 
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