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Syllabus: 1. Java 2. Dot Net 3. MATLAB 4. NS2 5. Android 6. C / C++ 7. Cloud Computing 8. Grid Computing
Introduction to MATLAB o     Historical Background o     Applications o     Scope of MATLAB o     Importance of MATLAB for Engineers o     Features o     MATLAB Windows(Editor, Work Space, Command History, Command Window) o     Operations with Variables o     Naming and Checking Existence o     Clearing Operations o     Introduction to Arrays o     MATLAB File Types DATA and DATA FLOW in MATLAB o     Matrix Operations & Operators o     Reshaping Matrices o     Importing Exporting Of Data o     Arrays o     Data types o     File Input-Output o     Communication with External Devices EDITING and DEBUGGING M FILES o     Writing Script Files o     Writing Functions o     Error Correction o     M-Lint Automatic Code Analyzer o     Saving Files PROGRAMMING o     Flow Control o     Conditional Statements o     Error Handling o     Work with Multidimensional Array o     Cell Array & Characters o     Developing User Defined Function o     Scripts and Other Functions MATLAB GRAPHICS o     Simple Graphics o     Graphic Types o     Plotting Functions o     Creating Plot & Editing Plot(2D and 3D) o     Graphics Handles o     GUI(Graphical User Interface) DETAILED ANALYSIS of CONTROL SYSTEM TOOLBOX o     General Instructions o     Creation of Linear Models o     Classes of Control System Toolbox o     Discussion on State Space Representation o     Transfer Function o     System Gain and Dynamics o     Time & Frequency Domain Analysis o     Classical Design, State Space Model o     Transfer Function Representation, System Response o     LTI Viewer Detail and Explanation About LTI Viewer o     Designing of Compensator o     Use of SISO Design & MIMO Design Tool DETAILED ANALYSIS OF COMMUNICATION TOOLBOX o     Signal Sources o     BER Tool o     Modulation o     Special Filter o     Channels o     Equalizers DETAILED ANALYSIS OF SIGNAL PROCESSING TOOLBOX o     Basics of Signal Processing o     Representing Signals o     Analysis of different Signals o     Complex Signals o     Filter Designing o     Using the Filter Designing GUIs o     Analyzing the filter plots o     Filter Designing using Script Files o     Other Signal Processing Functions DETAILED ANALYSIS OF IMAGE PROCESSING TOOLBOX o     Reading and Writing Image Data o     Displaying and Exploring Image o     Spatial Transformation o     Image Registration o     Designing and implementing 2D linear Filters for Image Data o     Morphological Operations o     Transforms o     Analyzing and Enhancing Images o     ROI based Processing o     Neighborhood and Block operations
MATLAB Syllabus