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We at Isclor Soft Solutions envisage your vision to develop software that is hassle free and less intrusive to your day-to-day system and ensure that it gives you the ultimate motive to automate your business. We use the latest and proven technologies that drive the IT world to get things done.

We believe that every software development should begin with a proper plan and direction which has been to-date the success our development.

We offer world-class strategic planning, implementation, training and support services to organizations that need to unleash the benefits of software applications. We specialized in following Tools and Technologies


  • Operating Systems -    Windows NT/2000, Linux, UNIX
  • CRM Tools   -   Siebel 7.0 / 7.5
  • Databases  -   Oracle/ MS SQL Server/Sybase/My SQL
  • Report Writers - Crystal Reports/Oracle Reports
  • Web Servers - Java Web Server/Apache Web Server Web Logic/Cold fusion
  • Web Technologies - ASP.Net/ASP/JSP/ PHP
  • Programming Languages -  C/C++/Java, VB.Net/C#.Net/
  • Mobile Apps - Anroid,J2ME-CDC,CLDC
  • Scripting Language -  E-Script (Siebel)/ VB script/ CGI/PERL/PHP/ Java Script
  • Grid Computing -  Gridsim,Optorsim,Simgrid,Alchami
  • Cloud Computing -  CloudSim,CloudAnalyst,Greencloud
  • Networking -  Wireless,Sensor,Overlay,NS2,Glomosim,JIST,VanetMobisim,SUMO
  • Distributed Technologies -  Web Services/SOAP/COM/DCOM/CORBA/EJB

Our softwares are surely a benchmark in quality and precision in working without errors. All the costing is based on per project basis and a full requirement analaysis is conducted with the client before proceeding to the development phase. An interactive online methodology is also used to keep the client updated on the developments of the work.

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